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Ska, Heiner



Call for parts

  • Eisenprofile 50x50x3mm
  • Rail,
  • Monitor (DVI/HDMI?)


  • Schrittmotor Steuerkarte tb6500 (modding durchgeführt/siehe Anleitung TB6560 Modding)
  • Schrittmotor 3x
  • Netzteil 24V/10A
  • Arduino Gbrl Umwandler auf Parallelport


  • Mal sehen, aktuell ist GBRL eine option mit dem Universal GCode Sender
  • Chillipeppr?
  • Estlcam


Signalunterschied zwischen dem verschliffenen Signal (oben) und dem korrigierten Signal (unten)
Optokopller wurden überbrückt
Steuerleitung wurde wieder eingelötet, 150uF Kondensator als cOszi wurde aufgesetzt. Alter Kondensator raus und die Stromsparfunktion wurde auch entfernt.

TB6560 mod


  • NEVER power up the unit without motors connected to the outputs and do not unplug a motor when the board is powered up. The poor grounding (note2) may destroy the 6560 chips. OK!
  • Ground the heat sink for each TB6560 through its mounting screws. In the current design, there is a danger of blowing all chips if one goes bad. Adding the grounds helps protect them all. DONE!
  • Disconnect the current reduction feature. This generates extra pulses and is not useful.DONE!
  • Pin 7 on driver chip has a cap that sets the internal frequency. Replace the 1000pf capacitor which is installed with a smaller value capacitor (150 to 330 pF). DONE! 150pF verbaut.
  • Clean up the pulse to Clock (Step) and Direction signals. The pulse coming from the computer through the optocouplers is very slow on rise time (because of the optocouplers). The chip misinterprets the signals and misses steps. Bypass optocouplers.DONE!
  • The way the ICs are getting power violates the manufacturers guidelines for power up and power down sequence. Do not use a single switch on the power line coming from the power supply. Either power the ICs on/off by a separate power supply or use a dedicated powerup/down circuit to deal with the sequence matter.TODO?